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When something isn't working, it's typically because something isn't clear.

The vision may be foggy, the preaching might be some how missing the mark.  

If you are looking for some resources to help you preach clearer messages
and lead stronger teams, I've created two for someone just like you. 

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It's fun to visit bigger churches and to dream about what God could do through your church.

But what made that church great
isn't what makes your church great! 

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"Without giving us answers, Steve powerfully facilitated our conversation to help us hone in on the important things. At the end of our process we had something that felt exactly like us, like what our organization was meant to be. "

Becky Rice, Owner of KET Photography

We understand that you are a unique leader in a unique church, that you wrestle with unique issues and opportunities. Job one then, is to give you the tools to maximize your unique gifts, with your one of a kind team, in your no-other-place-like-it community. 

Churches who embrace their uniqueness are the ones who have the greatest impact.