Nathan Kyser & Steven J Barker


Husband and father 1st. After that I'm a Pastor and coach. Owner at The Stronger Group. Executive Pastor at Westside Community Church.
And no matter where I live, I'll never give on up the CFL

About Steven J Barker

Steve is currently the Executive Pastor @ Westside Community Church in Portland, Oregon, and a Paterson Center certified, StratOp Facilitator.   

About StrongerSundays

Most pastors believe that their church will grow if they strengthen two areas. First, if year over year they can improve as a preacher and second, if they engage more volunteer leaders, they know they can build momentum and see growth. 

The problem is, most pastors are bogged down putting out fires and sprinting toward the next weekend. And because of that they can't always see how to improve in these two area.  They know what they want, they just don't always know how to get there. 

So, to address this StrongerSundays focuses on two systems that help give clarity on how to pull these two specific levers in their specific local context.