Why You Should Cancel Your Next Sunday Service

Last weekend we cancelled our services to take a step out into our community. After a three week series inspired by the "Art of Neighboring" in Denver, CO, we came together across all of our campuses to link arms and get our hands dirty serving our neighbors. We dubbed it "The Good Neighbor Project" and set out on projects all around our community. The question is, was it worth it?


There were risks involved, everything from financial (giving, project expenses) to the fear that our efforts would be a total flop (last year's work project only brought out a few dozen people). But regardless of the risk...it was worth it, and here's why -- it was tangible!

When we teach on Sundays, you and I are trying to inspire life change. We want people to take next steps in their faith. For some that just means coming back again next week, for others it's deciding they want to live a life lead by faith and for others it means taking action. Doing something different and becoming a new person. 

Whatever that next step is, it is incredibly important that we make that next step tangible. In fact, we need to make sure our next steps are clear, life changing and available. 

Clear - What exactly can your audience do in response to your teaching? 
Life changing - How do those next steps actually change anything? What impact will they have?
Available - It doesn't have to be easy, but it should be available if you really believe it will make a difference. 

So, take some time to look at your teaching calendar. Which series are coming up that could have a clearer next step? Is there something you can do to make those next steps more available? Consider following your next few series with a project, a seminar, or possibly a retreat. Either way, go all in and help your community take next step in their faith...and maybe even consider canceling next week's service.