The Top 6 Reasons You Should Teach in a Series

#2. Sequencing                                           Photo Credit: Irum Shahid 

#2. Sequencing                                          Photo Credit: Irum Shahid 

Here are the top 6 reasons you should teach in a series: 

  1. Predictable!
    • This is probably the most powerful reason to teach in a series. The best way for our audience to grow is when people tell/bring their friends. The easier you make it for your current audience to explain what their friend can expect when they come, the better. Teaching in a series gives your current audience a feel for what the whole series will be like and they are more equipped to invite someone to join them. 
  2. Sequencing
    • When you decide to unpack a specific issue over a series of 5 talks this allows you to build one week upon the next. You can teach one concept and then in the following week, apply that concept and add some new information. While it’s not likely that everyone in your audience attends every week, it is likely that they may feel the need to catch up on what they missed. 
  3. Repetition
    • It’s not likely you or I will remember something if we are only told once. We need repetition. It’s not likely you or I will remember something if we are only told once. We need repetition. (Not a typo…think you’ll remember that?) So when we are building on the same core idea for a series of weeks we begin to reinforce our message in the minds of our listeners. 
  4. Bigger Idea
    • Every talk hopefully has one big idea your are trying to deliver, but when you teach in a series it gives you the opportunity to focus on a Bigger Idea and tackle that idea from a number of angles. Again, having a Bigger idea gives your audience a more predictable experience (which is a good thing, check out #1 again). 
  5. Even B Movies Get Finished
    • This one can feel depressing at first but more so I want you to feel encouraged. Have you ever sat down and started watching a “B” movie on TV only to start running out of time? Your spouse starts calling for you to get ready to leave for that evening’s event but you can’t pull yourself away from the TV? You know the story is terrible and the actors are barely believable but you can’t pull yourself away. It’s stupid, but you can’t. This is good news for you and me. Even if you prep like crazy and one week’s message falls flat on it’s face, there’s a possibility that if you’ve set up your series well enough you might get a “bye week”. Just make sure you drop hints about what the follow week will cover to keep them coming back. 
  6. Efficiency
    • Many communicators use media to support your message delivery, wether that’s marketing, slides, graphics or social media. When you teach in series you get a little more bang for your buck when your not having to “re-commission” new graphics every week. Plus, you have the opportunity to build a mini-brand for a few weeks at a time.

Teaching in a series can save you time and make your delivery stronger as a whole. The key to a stronger teaching series is having a "just clear enough" idea of where your series is headed.