3 Reasons Every Pastor Should Practice PechaKucha

Since PowerPoint made it’s way into churches and boardrooms it has been something we struggle to harness. How do we best use such a great tool to deliver even more powerful experience for our audience? I’m sure we’ve all experienced horrible presentations plagued by huge boring slide decks. 

Enter PechaKucha and the top three reasons you should practice it.

400 seconds.jpg

PechaKucha is a slide intensive presentation format where you show 20 images, each for 20 seconds. The images advance automatically and you talk along to the images. See sample PechaKucha.

1. PechaKucha forces you to address COGNITIVE LOAD.

Cognitive load is the idea that your brain has a “working memory” and can only process a limited amount of info at any given moment. So, when you put an image on the screen, your audience is trying to figure out why this image applies to what you are saying. THIS IS ALWAYS TRUE! When you put text on the screen, but don’t specifically address it your audience goes into cognitive overload. They are reading, listening and trying to figure out what applies. 

Practicing PechaKucha forces you to think about what your image/slide will communicate to your audience. It helps connect what you are saying to what they are seeing. 

2.  PechaKucha forces you to create more engaging slides.

When all you can do is put up 20 individual images, you are forced to make your presentation more engaging. In addition to images, my teams have also substituted a single word on a slide in lieu of an image (though images are always more engaging).

3. PechaKucha diversifies your speaking skills.

Practice is important as we develop as speakers and presenters. Our use of visually assistive tools is constantly changing. Practicing new skills keeps you sharp are far less likely to get stuck in a rut. 

Practical application:

After reading a book or returning from a conference, have staff members report their top learnings using a PechaKucha presentation.  Added bonus, these presentations don’t take much time (6 minutes and 40 seconds) so it’s easy to make them a regular part of your staff meetings.  


Sample PechaKucha: 


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