You Are About To Create A Killer Teaching Series (From Scratch)

There is NOTHING more powerful than delivering to an audience a message that is specifically designed for them (see "How The Death of Mass Marketing Is Changing Preaching"). When you understand what unique issues your city is dealing with your teaching adds more value. When you understand what issues your specific community is dealing with your teaching adds even more value. 

So, how do we create original content for our church and community? If you're like many pastors out there, we struggle to pull our thoughts together into a coherent series of messages from scratch.

This is why I wrote “Create A Killer Series."

Create a Killer Series
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Creating original content can be tough for any team. We seek inspiration from scripture and look for creative ideas any place we can. But how do we decide if a new series idea is a good idea? How do we clarify what we want to say? How do we get better at planning ahead so our team can begin to get involved in the process? 

In “Create A Killer Series” I’ve included 2 templates that will help you answer the questions “Is this what my audience needs to hear most right now?” and then in your new teaching series “What’s most important to teach?”

I’ve also added some Killer Bonuses with every download that include editable templates as well as a simple plan that will help you develop the next generation of communicators without killing your own rhythm. 

What you say matters...make sure it's the right thing. 

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