4 Articles Every Pastor Should Read Right Now

While they may not feel time sensitive, these 4 articles are important enough to review right now. If you were ever going to tackle these issues, there is no better time then now. 

7 Subtle Signs Your Church Is Dying

How do you know whether your church’s best days are behind it?

It’s a question that all leaders should ask—even leaders of growing churches.

As with almost everything in life, there are subtle signs your peak may be near or you may be cresting past it.

Other times, the signs of death are evident to everyone but the leaders.

If you recognize the signs early enough, you can reverse the trend, regain your energy and momentum and run with enthusiasm into a new season.

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5 Reasons Pastors Should Self-Publish a Book This Year

According to The New York Times, 81% of people surveyed believe they have a book in them … that number has to be a lot higher for pastors and church leaders!

This is the year that you should set aside time and pull together a book to self-publish and share with your church. When church leaders get into book publishing, it helps extend their influence in their local community and beyond. Before you write off this idea as crazy or just for those “super-mega church leaders,” here are some reasons I think every pastor should write a book in the next year.

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4 Predictions For Online Church In 2016 And Beyond

We’re celebrating the 10th anniversary of online church this year. We started this two-part series with 7 Trends of Online Church in 2015. This time we’re going to look at 4 predictions for the future of online church.

These predictions mirror the movements happening in both technology and in western church culture. If you want to see where church technology is going in the future, keep your eye on the intersection of technology and culture.

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The Four Disciplines of the Heart : How to Fight Back When You Feel Discouraged

A few years ago I met with a leader who was in the process of losing heart. I have seen the look in his eyes a hundred times before. (I have seen it in my own mirror on more than one occasion.)

My friend was under attack. He had just discovered that one of his board members was campaigning to unseat him. Worse, one of his children had just been diagnosed with a chronic disease. As a result, he was struggling with the typical symptoms of stress: insomnia, indigestion, and back pain.

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