Why Churches Should Only Hire Quarterbacks

Your Church should only hire quarterbacks.

(Warning: sports analogies ahead…)

I’m not talking about actual quarterbacks of course, though a church staff made completely of pig skin hurling quarterbacks would make for an interesting reality show. I’m talking about the individual on the team that is engaging the team and providing leadership toward a goal.

These are they only type of people your church should hire.

The problem is that we are an event driven type of organization. We strive to build a growing community of people who make an impact…but when it comes down to the logistics, we have an event to put on every 7 days.

Because of that, we are prone to hire doers. People who get stuff done. People who can be counted on and who will drive to accomplish their goals.

Doers are dangerous hires.

Think of doers like they are golfers. Focused individuals, choosing just the right tool for the job and doing whatever they need to do to finish the job.

You still need golfers (doers), you just don’t necessarily need them on the church payroll.

And here is there reason why...any dollar a church spends on staffing should be multiplied.

Here’s what I mean by that.

1. Stewardship

We are stewards of what God has given our church. It is our responsibility to handle those resources well. If we are going to invest in a staff member, it’s much better investment to hire someone who can lead a team then someone that will just do it themselves.

Hiring a quarterback means you are hiring someone who will jump in and be in the “play”, but who also is calling the play and leading their team to victory.

If you pay a golfer/doer, you get hours for dollars.

If you pay a quarterback/team leader, you get hours for impact.

2. Great Commission

We were not only instructed to go into all nations and create killer sermons, we were also instructed to create disciples, God serving, life changing disciples.

When you hire golfers/doers you enable a staff to do the work without equipping the saints. You inevitably keep your church small and limit the impact you have on your own congregation as well as on your community.

When you spend a dollar on staffing, it should in some way be helping your church attenders find their place in the body of Christ (Ephesians 4:12).

3. Sustainability

“Quarterbacks” realize that for a church to be sustainable, everyone is going to have to do their part. No one superstar can do it all. A super star can do more than their share, but the can’t do it all.

A golfer/doer can do it themselves. They can figure out how to make it happen and they can maintain control. But in a growing church this isn't sustainable.


Hiring team leaders is essential when building a staff team.

In fact here is the question for the day:

Is there any position on your staff team that wouldn't be better if it was staffed by a volunteer equipping, rally the troops team builder?

I bet you will be hard pressed to find one.