Warning: You Are Decreasing Your Impact by Not Meeting Other Pastors

If you’re like me you love the people in your church. You love the work you get to do and the people you get to work with, but slowly over time your realize that you are living in a bit of an echo chamber. You slowly loose the ability to look at your situation “from the outside”.

Then we get busier.

We have more programs to put on, more events on the calendar, more people to take care of.

It can feel hard enough to get our OWN thing done, and that don’t have the energy to listen anyone else’s thing.

And while it can feel busy, it can feel lonely and draining.

Before you know it you’ve slipped into a slow, inward focused, downward spiral.


The thing is, we don’t have to feel alone.

We don’t have to get sucked into the vacuum of inward focus.

But when we don’t have the chance to meet other pastors we are missing out:

  1. We miss out on new ideas. 

    When we live inside the echo chamber of our own church or denomination, we can tend to try the same things over and over. 

    Just spending time with other pastors in other churches allows for those moments of curiosity. 

  2. We miss out on new relationships

    Being a pastor can be lonely. It can feel like you are always on, that your friends are also people you are responsible to lead and shepherd. 

    Meeting other pastors allows you to rub elbows with your peers, people who you can think out loud with. They are people who we can share ups and downs with, and very often, without the fear of doing damage in our own church community. 

    We all need people to talk to who don’t “have a horse in the race,” as they say. 

  3. We tend to be unprepared for the future.

    Think of it like insurance. It’s something you invest in now so that it’s there in the future. What you learn from other pastors and the relationships you build help to prepare you for those moments you weren’t prepared for. 


So get out there! Meet some people, go to some pastoral training events and sit by some people you don’t know. 

Find the next pastor’s network gathering in your area. 

Look for prayer breakfast or for a church planter meeting in your city.  

Jump on Google or Eventbrite and search “Pastor Event” and the name of your city.

Find something and jump in. Your “future self” will thank you.

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I’ll be co-hosting with my good friend Gabe Kolstad and special virtual guest, Tony Morgan.

It will be a great place to get some training, meet some new people, and invest in your future, as well as your church’s.

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