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Is Your Sermon Answering The Wrong Question?

We had only been talking a few minutes before he said, “The church is pouring resources into answering a question that Millennials aren’t really asking anymore.”

“Really? How so?”

“The church is still answering the question, ‘What happens to me after I die?’  Millennials want to know, ‘How does being a Christian make life on this earth more fulfilling?'”

Wrong Question.png

This really begs the question, is your sermon answering the wrong question? 

I’m not arguing the value of teaching salvation, I’m pointing to why it’s valuable. It’s not only some far off scenario where we die and are faced with eternity that makes a relationship with Jesus matter. Forgetting that puts the study of scripture before the transformation of a life.

Jesus changes our view, our goal, our process. 

When Jesus told the disciples to "follow me", he wasn’t inviting them to an easier life and he wasn’t asking them to meet up with him again at some moment after they die. He was engaging them, right then, into a story that would change them forever. 

That’s the question: "What’s my next step on my journey right now?”

If Jesus was standing with each individual in your audience in this exact moment, looking at where they were on their journey, what would that conversation look like? 

When we think about our audience, understand that they are coming from many different stages of their spiritual journey. 

In turn, a transformational sermon:

  1. Helps people exploring the idea of faith, take a step closer to understanding Jesus. 
  2. It helps people who are beginning a relationship with Jesus, open up the dark corners of their life to the idea of grace. 
  3. It helps people growing in their faith, the reinforcement to keep learning and keep investing in their journey. 
  4. And it helps those who already have a intimate relationship with Jesus realize his heart for those who aren’t quite there yet. 

Is your next sermon answering the wrong question? It doesn’t need to. 

For each person you are preaching to, answer this question:  "What's the next step on my spiritual journey?" 

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