1 Incredibly Important Step to Finish Your Preaching Calendar

Finishing your preaching calendar feels like quite an accomplishment. You spent time focusing, preparing, thinking and dreaming…and you finally have it, you’re next 12 months of teaching. But  you’re not done until you complete this 1 incredibly important, often overlooked step. If we really do hope to help people with our teaching, we must go back over each planned series and ask the question “How do we help our audience get the most out of this series?”

So what do I mean by that? We know that we are going to preach, but when you really sit back and think about it, a 30 minute lecture/monologue probably won’t cut it. In fact, it’s probably safe to say a lecture is never enough to make a deep, life changing impact. To really help people take their next step we are going to have to do more than just teach.

Here are 7 ideas to help you beef up each series:

  1. Retreat - Let’s say you’re planning a series around marriage. Would it help if you included an option to go deeper at a marriage retreat following the series? 
  2. Small Groups - Some series call for an all encompassing campaign where every small group in the church is also reviewing material taught on Sunday morning. 
  3. 1 Off Small Groups - Should you highlight the opportunity to join a small group that will dive deeper into the topics covered by that series? This could be everything from a book study or a week by week deeper dive on the material covered each week. 
  4. Workshops - A series on “money” can always be followed by a workshop (say for example, Financial Peace University).
  5. Launching a new ministry - The conclusion of a series may be a fantastic opportunity to launch a new ministry with a momentum boost right out of the gate. 
  6. Email study - Some series may benefit from a series of emails taking individuals through private reflection. Planning this ahead of time can allow you to create higher quality material and possibly even automate it’s delivery. 
  7. Implementing the teaching - You can help you audience take their next step when you provide them with the tools. If you’ve been talking about being a good neighbor, for example, what about providing your church with the tools to throw a block party. 

Keep in mind, this list of ideas only identify things you could do during or after a series. What else can you do help beef up your teaching series? Leave a suggestion in the comments below.