Bill Hybels

Should You Teach Anymore?

I was sitting in a boardroom. We were leading two departments with the staff built for one and I was teaching two completely separate talks every week. The team sat in one of our weekly meetings trying to figure out what to do next, how were we going to keep moving forward?

And then she said it. "Steve, I don't thing you should teach any more. Well, at least not every week." That's a hard thing to say to a guy who does it for a living...shoot, it's a hard thing to hear! But she was right.

should you teach

I couldn't give it the attention I needed to. And how could I expect to get any better as a communicator if I barely had enough time to prepare for next week's talks. That moment made me ask a two questions, questions it's taken me years to answer.

  1. What do I expect to accomplish when I teach?
  2. Am I a more effective speaker than I was a year ago?

You see, we have this unique opportunity. An opportunity every time we hit the stage, to change peoples lives. We challenge them to think differently, to wake up tomorrow and to be different than they were on Friday. We've got the opportunity to help them see themselves differently.

As preachers, we have an opportunity to help them understand that they are a child of God, the God of the universe! The God who told the lights to come on and the birds to fly and the man to stand up and walk. We've got an opportunity to change the way they look at the world around them. To hand them glasses that see pain, hurt and beauty in a way they haven't seen before.

The challenge? You've only got 30 minutes to do it. 

It's exciting to think about the possibilities, about what God is planning on doing in the lives of your audience. But when you stop to think about the window of opportunity you have, I've got to be honest, I'm scared that if I blink I'll miss it.

Bill Hybels said that the church is the hope of the world.  He's right. The church is what Christ left behind to keep the ball rolling. And after hundreds of years of habit, people are expecting us to gather together once a week and listen to the preacher do his thing. So we better make it GREAT! If the church is going to be the hope of the world, each part is going to need to function to it’s fullest.

  •  Leaders need to be great leaders,
  • Teachers need to be great teachers,
  • Care givers need to be great care givers,
  • Group leaders need to be great group leaders,
  • Neighbors need to be great neighbors.

If we are going to honor those before us as well as those we serve we must be great. We must put all of our effort into fulfilling our role completely!

We've got to ask ourselves those two questions: 

  1. What do I expect to accomplish when I teach?
  2. Am I a more effective speaker than I was a year ago?

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