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How The Death of Mass Marketing Is Changing Preaching

“For fifty years, TV and TV-thinking was the shortcut. Make average stuff for average people (by definition = mass) and promote to every stranger within reach.” - Seth Godin

This type of mass marketing is changing (in fact, it's dying) and so are the expectations of your audience. They aren’t completely satisfied with being talked to just like everyone else. More and more individuals are identifying with micro markets instead of mass markets. They are drawn to a more personal experience than one designed for the “average person”. 

This undoubtably will begin to effect how we preach and who will listen. Over the next 5 years the church will need to wrestle with this change in expectations.

How To Inform & Inspire Your Volunteer Team

Effective volunteers are informed and inspired. This is easier said than done. The larger a volunteer team grows the harder it is to share stories, updates and vision. Unfortunately if you don't have a plan for communication, only a small handful of team members will have the luxury of staying in the know. 

In fact, I guarantee you that a portion of your team feels valued when you share information with them. Even if it's basic, sharing information makes your team feel involved and informed. 

There are a number of great tools out there to help you with this. Today I want to share with you the tool I use with my team. It's called Mailchimp. I've included a 12 minute walk through in setting up your first account below, plus 6 important elements to include in your next campaign.


Here are some important elements to include in your emails/campaigns:

  1. Stories - even if these are just a sentence or two, share quotes, email responses, etc. Anything that highlights the real people you are serving. 
  2. Make it personal - include a note to your team. Use your natural voice, not something formal or "polished". 
  3. Highlights - talk about what went well. Highlight what you want to reinforce. 
  4. Improvements - be honest about what you (as a team) are working on improving. 
  5. Updates - did your team set goals? Include a scoreboard. Help you team to keep track of progress. 
  6. Important Dates - you'd be surprised how overlooked this one is. I guarantee you, someone on your team will love you for including this. 

The most important thing is that you make sure you deliver value every week. Mailchimp will show you your open rates (how many people open your email every week). Challenge yourself to always be improving. Add value, keep the content interesting, informative and inspiring and you'll be building a solid, effective and cared for volunteer team. 

Get started by setting you our account here:  Mailchimp.

Azendoo Will Flatten Your Volunteer Organization [Tool Review]

Flatter is faster, further reaching and most effective in a growing organization.

We know that in order for this organization to grow we need more people. We need more people owning the vision and moving us forward. As a leader this is invigorating and frightening. We want to climb the next hill, but the more we people involve the more "chefs we have in the kitchen". We fear that leaders will start off misaligned and eventually go rogue. We fear that eventually all we will be doing is fixing other people's mistakes and putting out fires. Not very exciting for you and me. Not really what we signed up for.

So here is the trick to going faster, further and being most effective when your organization is growing: flatness.

The secret to flatness is information and boundaries. As you've probably already experienced, one of the difficulties in running a volunteer organization is the balance between control and speed. We feel responsible for excellence in our organizations but how do we accomplish that promptly and appropriately? Over the last number of months I've been experimenting with a tool to help flatten our volunteer organization structure and it's working.  It's called Azendoo (link).



Azendoo groups all your teamwork in one place so that you can plan, share and get organized, together.




Azendoo has proven to be a fantastic tool for sharing information and engaging our volunteer teams. We've put information in the hands of high capacity volunteers so that they can make the best decision on the ground. There is one essential ingredient necessary when you push decision making to the lowest possible level in your organization. You've got to be absolutely sure you are playing from the same playbook. 


Azendoo also won Evernote's Best Multi-Platform App 



In Patrick Lencioni's book "The Advantage: Why Organizational Health Trumps Everything Else In Business" [Link], he mentions 6 questions a team must answer:
  1. Why do we exist?

  2. How do we behave?

  3. What do we do?

  4. How will we succeed?

  5. What is most important, right now?

  6. Who must do what?

All 6 questions are important, but most important to what we are trying to accomplish is number 5. As a leader, you need to be able to point back to what is most important right now. In fact, as you manage a team, your most important job is to engage and energize you team to accomplish what's most important right now. 

Give you team the information they need to be the fastest, furthest reaching, most efficient team they can be. Then, get out of the way...

To get you started, I've put together a list of 5 tips to getting the most out Azendoo. You can download it for free below.