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No one should feel like their spinning their wheels in ministry, like they are only experiencing incremental impact.

You deserve a clear plan with measurable impact, you and your team. You deserve to be an energized leader rallying an aligned team. 

You can get started today: 

  1. Schedule a free introduction video confernece. 
  2. Book a 2-day onsite planning meeting. 
  3. Execute a clear and unique plan for growth. 


What does the Lead Forward process include? 

Built around a 2-day onsite event and an optional 12 months of follow up implimentation coaching, the process is design using the proven StratOp method designed by the Paterson Center. 

Will this process work for my church?   

This process isn't dependent on the size of your church or your region. It is designed to unpack where you are and where you are going. It's been used by Willow Creek, Granger Community Church, and hundreds of others. It's designed to deliver custom results for your unique situation. 

How much does it cost?  

It costs less then hiring a part-time staff and is specific to your situation. Fill out the form to receive a custom quote for your church or organization. 

How do I get started?  

Start by setting up a free introduction video conference to learn about the process and help us to better understand your church and it's needs.